As part of a Fire Adapted Community, local leaders define areas prone to wildfire and develop strategies to mitigating risk. Below are some helpful resources.

Wildland-Urban Interface (WUI)

Ada County and the City of Boise have made efforts to define the Wildland-Urban Interface (WUI) or Wildland-Urban Fire Interface (WUFI), the transitional zone between open-space and the built environment.

City of Boise WUI map

Ada County WUFI map

2018 International Wildland-Urban Interface Code

City Permits and Planning in Ada County

Local jurisdictions have specific requirements for constructing in designated wildland-urban interface areas. Also, there may be prohibitions on certain activities, such as open burning and fireworks, within these designated WUI areas.

For specific information see:

Land Use Planning for Wildfire

Community planners and local officials that work in areas prone to wildfire should regard the specific dangers inherent to the area and work to implement policies, regulations and strategies that deal with the imminent risk of wildfire.  For information on best practices see Community Planning Assistance for Wildfire (CPAW) and the Community Wildfire Planning Center (CWPC).