Evacuation Planning

Get Involved with “Ready, Set, Go!”

“The Ready, Set, Go!” Program is a partnership between you and your local fire department that aims to share information on how to prepare for a wildland fire. As a resident, you can do your part by following the three simple steps of the RSG program:

  1. Get Ready – Prepare yourself, your family and your property well in advance of a wildfire.
  2. Get Set – Be aware of what is happening around you during periods of high fire danger and be prepared to evacuate.
  3. Go Early – Leave early when there is a fire, or as directed by public safety officials.

Get Ready

Take responsibility for your family and your home long before wildfire threatens. Begin with this quicklist: 

  • Use fire-resistant materials to build and update your home, deck and outbuildings.
  • Landscape with Firewise vegetation.
  • Remove flammable vegetation from around your home, especially Juniper and Arborvitae.
  • Create and practice a family emergency plan, visit readyforwildfire.org .

Get Set 

Maintain a level of situational awareness during wildfire season. Follow this quicklist: 

  • Know current fire restrictions and wildfire risk in your area.
  • Sign up for emergency notifications through CodeRED.
  • Pack an emergency evacuation kit. Include prescriptions, emergency supplies and important documents.

Go early

Follow your family emergency plan, take your emergency kit and leave early when wildfire strikes.

  • Evacuate when CodeRED alerts you to do so, or when your family is threatened by wildfire.
  • Cooperate with local authorities during the evacuation and re-entry process.

If you would like your neighborhood to learn more about "The Ready, Set, Go!" program, contact adafac@cityofboise.org to arrange for your community to receive Ready, Set, Go! bags. We will work with your neighborhood to pass out bags, door-to-door, that contain information about how families and homeowners can be better prepared for wildfire, and ready to evacuate when wildfire strikes. bags.png


Click here to download your Personal Wildland Fire Action Guide

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