Wildfire Home Safety Evaluation

Thank you for your interest in a Wildfire Home Safety Evaluation. Please use the form below to request a personal evaluation by one of our Wildfire Mitigation Team members.


Additionally, if you live within the City of Boise designated wildland-urban interface area, signing up for a Wildfire Home Safety Evaluation also makes you eligible for FREE neighborhood chipping services (watch video here).

(NOTE: Neighborhood chipping is scheduled throughout the year, so please look for information coming from your Neighborhood Association, NextDoor, or a door hanger.  And, you must sign up for a specific chipping slot when chipping is scheduled for your neighborhood.)


Chipping Schedule Sign Up!

     - Friday, April 15th - Southeast Boise

     - Friday, April 22nd - East Foothills

     - Friday, April 29th - Warm Springs Mesa

     - Friday, May 6th - Warm Springs Mesa

     - Friday, May 13th - Hidden Springs

     - Friday, May 20th - Highland Nines

     - Friday, May 27th - NO CHIPPING

     - Friday, June 3rd - TBD (OPEN)

     - Friday, June 10th - Boise Heights

     - Friday, June 17th - Central Foothills

     - Friday, June 24th - Central Foothills

     - Friday, July1st - Somerset

     - Friday, July 8th - Quail Ridge

     - Friday, July 15th - Collister

     - Friday, July 22nd - Warm Springs Mesa

     - Friday, July 29th - East End

     - Friday, August 5th - Highlands

     - Friday, August 12th - Highlands

     - Friday, August 19th - Barber Valley

     - Friday, August 26th - Barber Valley

     - Friday, September 2nd - Columbia Village

     - Friday, September 9th - Columbia Village

     - Friday, September 16th - Central Foothills

     - Friday, September 23rd - Boise Heights

     - Friday, September 30th - TBD (OPEN)

     - Friday, October 7th - Barber Valley

     - Friday, October 14th - Highlands

     - Friday, October 21st - Warm Springs Mesa

     - Friday, October 28th - TBD (OPEN)


Also, feel free to look up your address on the public portal and use the site to provide some basic information about yourself and your property. A Wildfire Mitigation Team member will then follow up with you.

The below listed individual grants permission for a Wildfire Mitigation Team member to conduct a Home Safety Evaluation on the property listed below: