Wildfire Home Safety Evaluation

Fire and land management agencies cannot help prevent wildfire disasters without homeowner participation. By receiving a FREE home wildfire evaluation, you can learn about changes that will allow your structure to withstand the brunt of a wildfire, without the assistance of firefighters or fire equipment. It's a fact that most people that are threatened by wildfire, aren't ready for a wildfire. Embers can travel over a mile and burn down homes that aren't even close to open space. Make your home ember resistant by taking action around your home by signing up for a FREE wildfire home safety evaluation today.

Additionally, if you live within the City of Boise designated wildland-urban interface area, signing up for a Wildfire Home Safety Evaluation also makes you eligible for FREE neighborhood chipping services, which you will need to sign up for separately.

Learn More About the Neighborhood Chipping Program

Please use the form below to request a personal evaluation by one of our Wildfire Mitigation Team members.