2017 Mesa Reserve Herbicide Application

Dense populations of cheatgrass and other invasive species can form highly flammable layers of fuel, and reducing these fuels is major concern in all open spaces, but particularly so in the Mesa Reserve after the 2016 Table Rock Fire. The City of Boise applied herbicide adjacent to the Tram trail, a recreational trail bordering the Warm Springs/Mesa neighborhood, to create a fuel break in spring 2017. We used Imazypic, a selective herbicide that targets annual invasive grasses but does not effect native, perennial species like bottlebrush squirreltail and Sandberg's bluegrass. This fuel break will be seeded with fire resistant and resilient grasses and wildflowers in spring 2018. 


Herbicide application at Mesa Reserve reduced cheatgrass and did not effect desirable bunchgrasses.